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Transform your team into project-ready developers

We recognise that great people are hard to find, we have developed our new ReSkill course with that in mind, so if you have people that you love and you want to offer them professional tech development, this programme is for you.

ReSkill is designed for people with little or no prior coding experience.

We've combined all the best bits from our sister company Northcoders' industry-leading, award-winning coding bootcamp with a Level 4 Apprenticeship, delivered by Northcoders TechEd – UKPRN 10036956

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Seamless integration tailored towards your business needs

Your learners will have access to our helpdesk and their own dedicated mentor whilst working towards their AWS Certification, we have found through experience this helps you with the sometimes tricky onboarding process.

The entire course can be funded by the Apprenticeship Levy, even if you're not a levy payer. Our specialist team will take care of those details for you.

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Built to develop the developers you need

Our ReSkill programme is developed with businesses in mind, and is a highly effective way to take those with little to no coding skills and turn them into software developers, quickly!

Unleash potential

You love your people – but you need tech skills. No matter what their background, anyone with the right aptitude can now ReSkill as a software developer.

Level 4 Qualification

Not only are our ReSkill programmes a great investment for your business, they also help your newly trained developers to feel invested in your organisation; particularly when they gain a Level 4 qualification and vendor certification, after 13 months.

Our 13-month course will equip your people to become project-ready developers.  You will have the option to choose from language tracks such as C#, TypeScript, Java and Kotlin as well as Dev/Cloud Ops Masterclasses and AWS Certification.

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Up close with our ReSkill programmes

How it works


13 months


On Site & Online

Course Dates

ReSkill Level 4 Software Developer Apprenticeship

Cut-off for enrolment is 6 weeks prior to start date

ReSkill Level 4 Software Developer Apprenticeship

Cut-off for enrolment is 6 weeks prior


  • Who is the ReSkill Programme for?

    Our ReSkill programme is for employees and/or new hires looking to train as software developers.

  • Can the programme be completed remotely?


  • How much will it cost my business?

    Most of the time, nothing! We utilise the levy and government subsidies to fund the programme for you. In some instances a 5% cost may be incurred, with 95% covered by the apprenticeship levy but our team of experts will be able to assess your funding eligibility within minutes.

  • Who is eligible for the programme?

    Anyone who is working in, or ready to work in, related tech roles is eligible. For example, your Developers, Data Engineers, DevOps Engineers or UX professionals could all complete our Upskilling Programme. You could also hire someone who has completed a coding bootcamp or a relevant degree, and enrol them on this programme.

  • How far in advance should we agree a ReSkill programme?

    Programmes should be agreed, as a minimum, 6 weeks prior to your desired enrolment date.

  • What is the time commitment for my developers?

    In simple terms, this programme requires a 20% time commitment. The majority of that time commitment is through contributing flexible hours to the learning.

  • What commitment would a line manager need to give?

    A line manager would need to catch up on a quarterly basis with the learner and their assessor, and making sure your developer is allocated the time they need to learn.

  • What qualification would they earn?

    Successful participants are awarded a Level 4 Software Development certified by the British Computing Society (BCS)

  • Where can I find out more about apprenticeships?

    You can find out more about apprenticeships, and our commitments, here.

  • Who are Northcoders TechEd?

    Northcoders TechEd – UKPRN: 10036956 – is the sister of the multi-award-winning education and technology house Northcoders Limited.

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